The Coming Soon Team 7/3/17

By the time you find a home online and drive by, typically you are used to seeing a sold sign already up! In such a fast moving market, how can you start winning negotiations on the home that meets all of your wants and needs? is the proven solution for serious buyers, providing you an inside look into the "future of real estate". 

'Coming Soon' is a relatively new search term online, and on search engines like Google or Bing. Similar to how the film industry pre-markets a new movie as 'coming soon' to theaters or filling an auditorium for a concert. Could you imagine what would happen if they did NOT market the movie or concert in advance? No one would know about it, and only a few would show up based off word of mouth. We look at real estate through a similar 'lense'. 

While the seller prepares their home for market- including but not limited to painting, repairs, staging, & pre-inspections, we pre-list the home online to give buyers a leg up on others that may be looking for a similar property. Enabling you to request details FIRST, tour FIRST, and make the offer FIRST. That way, you and your family can be moved in before you even have to stress about the little details! 

Feel more confident in your purchase, and trust that Coming Soon Homes is on YOUR side. Start your search today!  

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